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Using custom Fontawesome Kit icons in React

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I had a project where we needed to use Fontawesome icons and to do this the @fortawesome/react-fontawesome library was a great help. But at some point the client needed icons that weren't in FontAwesome's icon library. Neither the free or Pro icons.

Not a problem I thought, I knew it was a possibility to upload icons to FontAwesome and use those custom icons together with FontAwesome's own icons through something called "FontAwesome kits".
But to my surprise you can't easily use those custom icons in react through react-fontawesome.

I needed a way to easily combine the standard icons with my custom uploaded ones.
I found this StackOverflow thread on the topic, which wasn't very helpful since the official answer from FontAwesome was:

Right now, custom icons can only be used in pro kits and kits cannot be used in React. We are looking into supporting more ways to use kits in the future.

So I tried to build my own workaround.

1. Upload the custom icons to a FontAwesome kit§

You can only upload icons to a FontAwesome kit.
A kit is a specific icon configuration for a project or website.
You'll need a FontAwesome pro account to be able to upload icons to a kit.

2. Include the kit script§

The custom uploaded icons are only accessible through a FontAwesome kit so you'll need to use that kit somewhere in your project.
To do this, include the kit's script tag somewhere in your project.
This looks something like this:

  <script src="<kit-id>.js" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Replace <kit-id> with your kit's id. You can find this snippet on your FontAwesome profile.

For a NextJS project you could place this in the _document.js file.
But instead of a regular script tag you should use the next/Script component or you'll get some warnings.

3. A custom component to use both standard & custom icons§

As it isn't possible to include custom icons through the FontAwesomeIcon component of the @fortawesome/react-fontawesome library we'll need to make a component ourselves.
Ideally this component can be used to include both standard FontAwesome icons and custom icons we uploaded.

import { IconDefinition } from "@fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core";
import { FontAwesomeIcon } from "@fortawesome/react-fontawesome";

// Here I use the names of the icons I've added on Fontawesome's website.
type CustomIconName = "my-icon-1" | "my-icon-2" | "my-icon-3";

// A type to indicate we'll be using a custom icon instead of a
// standard FontAwesome icon
type CustomIconDefinition = {
  prefix: "fa-kit";
  iconName: CustomIconName;

// a Union type so we can use this component both for
// standard icons and custom icons.
export type KitIconDefinition = IconDefinition | CustomIconDefinition;

type Props = {
  icon: KitIconDefinition;

export default function FontAwesomeKitIcon({ icon }: Props) {
  if (icon.prefix === "fa-kit") {
    return <i className={`fa-kit fa-${icon.customIconName}`} />;
  } else {
    return <FontAwesomeIcon icon={icon} />;

4. Using the custom component§

We can still use a standard FontAwesome icon§

import { faStar } from "@fortawesome/pro-regular-svg-icons";
<FontAwesomeKitIcon icon={faStar}/>

We can use one of our custom uploaded icons§

const faMyIcon1 = { prefix: "fa-kit", iconName: "my-icon-1" };
<FontAwesomeKitIcon icon={faMyIcon1} />

Note that the iconName property refers to the CustomIconName type, which should only contain names of custom uploaded icons.

Mix & match standard and custom icons.§

As our FontAwesomeKitIcon component supports both standard and custom icon definitions we can use these interchangeably.

import { faStar, faBoat } from "@fortawesome/pro-regular-svg-icons";
import { myIcon1, myIcon2 } from "./myIconDefinitions";

const icons = [
... => <FontAwesomeKitIcon icon={icon} />)

The code§

You can check out an example of the code here

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