A while back I experimented a bit with pinhole photography, something that had interested me since I had heard about it by a hitchhiker I had met at a hitchhiking meeting.
He (Clemens Schmid) had made a camera out of cardboard and in this camera was a regular 35mm film roll.
About 6 years after seeing that camera in use I finally made one myself. And not much after that I made a second one!

The first camera

The second camera


The plans I used for the first camera were the ones of the so called “Dippold pinhole camera”.
These can be found here: https://francescocapponi.tumblr.com/dippold

The second camera was just a bit of a random tryout.
I had a nice looking tea bin which I had which I thought could make a nice looking camera.
But the pinhole size and focal length aren’t quite great.

Other pinhole resources: